Dear valued Solid Fibre Client

As the number of people being infected with COVID-19 continues to increase in the current pandemic, all sections of our society must play a vital role in taking care of ourselves as well as others and in-turn slowing the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus. Therefore, it is our duty to put in place these necessary procedures and measures when we are carrying out Fibre installations and any other related practices. These measures are there to protect our staff as well as you, the client. So we do ask that you please, adhere to all the practices to keep everyone safe.

We have equipped our staff with the following PPE gear:

•    Masks
•    Face Shields
•    70%+ Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer
•    Anti- bacterial Hand Wash
•    An Infrared Thermometer (This is used daily to check the staff’s temperatures)

The procedures and measures are as follows:

1.    The client is to wear a mask at all times when making contact with Solid Fibre staff or being around Solid Fibre staff.
2.    The client is to keep a 1m -1.5m safe distance away from any Solid Fibre staff member when making contact.
3.    The space that will be used for installation needs to be cleared by all other family members and allowed for Solid Fibre staff only.
4.    Ventilation is an absolute must. Please, ensure that windows are open in the area.
5.    Please, ensure that surfaces have been cleaned and sanitised prior to the installation.
6.    All calls will be signed by the Solid Fibre staff on behalf of the client, the Client’s name and stand number will be quoted on all signed calls.
7.    We ask all clients, to please notify us if they/ or any other family member is sickly prior to installation. All Clients that are ill will have their installations postponed until further notice. Any Client, that is sickly and has failed to notify Solid Fibre, will have their installation cancelled with immediate effect. An installation date will be revised and rebooked at a future date.
8.    We ask all Solid Fibre clients, to please fill in our questionnaire fully and truthfully prior to installation. Judging by the answers of the questionnaire, we do have the right to refuse installation.
We thank you for your co-operation and patience!

Kind Regards,
The Solid Fibre Team

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