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In today’s ever changing times, the Business environment is fast paced and extremely competitive. Slow internet hampers productivity and can have a negative impact on your business. Let us help you and your business reach the next level, by providing a fast and reliable internet platform that allows you to get things done. We aren’t just an Internet provider, but the vehicle to help with every business activity that can make your business flourish. 


Speed Packages

Lightning fast speeds that are reliable, uncapped and unshaped. With no throttling or fair usage policy. Choose a speed option from our packages - 10, 20, 50 or 100 Mbps.  


R 1399

12 month contract

R 1299

24 month contract


R 1999

12 month contract

R 1899

24 month contract


R 3999

12 month contract

R 3799

24 month contract

100 MBPS

R 6299

12 month contract

R 5999

24 month contract


Setup of Fibre



R 3500

 Once-off payment.
 Payment due after installation.

  • (CATERED FOR 1 TO 5 CONCURRENT USERS). This will allow for trenching of up to 15 metres to the main Fibre Point.If the point requires further trenching, we will quote accordingly. Time frame: 4-6 weeks. Please read the Stage Process to get more information on the different stages of the Fibre installation.


  • Includes Free Router
  • Uncapped data
  • Unshaped data
  • No fair usage policy
  • VAT inclusive

Voice Add-on

  • 10 channel Sip trunk, phone number and VLAN
    Enquire about our handset and hosted PBX Prices.


R 1725

Payment due after installation.
Once-off payment.


R 1380

Payment due after installation.
Once-off payment.

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