About Wireless in the suburb

Wireless connectivity allows individuals to connect wirelessly to the internet via radio waves rather than wires on a person's home computer, laptop, or smartphone. We do provide an Interim Wireless connection to our clients, if their Fibre build is still in progress. This will help you get connected and do the things you love, while you wait for your Fibre line.



Speed Packages

Fast speeds that are reliable, uncapped and unshaped. And no throttling or fair usage policy. Choose a speed option from our packages - 5, 10, or 20Mbps.  


R 699

12 month contract

R 649

24 month contract


R 899

12 month contract

R 799

24 month contract


R 1199

12 month contract

R 1099

24 month contract


  • Includes Free Router
  • Uncapped data
  • Unshaped data
  • No fair usage policy
  • VAT inclusive

Wireless Setup

standard setup

r 1499

Payment due after installation.
Once-off payment.

long distance setup

R 2499

Payment due after installation.
Once-off payment.

  • Includes Radio Rental, excludes monthly package costs. Caters for Bracket, Network Cable and installation labour. Equipment will remain the property of Solid Fibre. All pricing includes VAT

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